24 August 2008

A Double Birthday.


Marianna and her tiramisu birthday dessert at The Olive Garden in Tupelo.

Aunt Cris, me, and Uncle Steve on my visit to Columbus, Ohio.  
(I like taking funny pictures!)

16 August 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Today is my mother's birthday. We celebrated by having the family over. We grilled steaks, baked taters, and ended a great night with key lime pie and watching the Olympics. It was fabulous!!

We love you, Mom!! We hope your birthday was amazing!! :)

12 August 2008

Happy One Year, Love!!

Happy Anniversary to Jared and Me! We survived the first year and will survive many more together. Yesterday (the 11th, our actual anniversary) we traveled to Tupelo to shop and eat at our fave restaurant, Olive Garden. It was fabulous to just get out of Columbus with no cell phones ringing or business to take care of.

I finally have a better understanding of people loving each other more than the day they married. I love you, Jared. ;)

01 August 2008

Check out my parents' blog to read all about Jared's new job!! Yay for dreams coming true!! :) ...I love this photo of him!