02 July 2013

Let's get serious...

...about being healthy! I ate half a bowl {a large mixing bowl, not a rinky dink cereal bowl} of cookie dough yesterday. 

This is actually an awesome cookie cake I made a few months ago, not the half eaten bowl of cookie dough. But, you get the picture. ;)

Then I started and completed Day 1 of Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred

Oh, lawdy. What was I thinking?!

I'm thinking that I'm ready to fit in real clothes again. I'm ready to quit sportin' oversized t-shirts and still-too-tight jeans. I'm ready to become healthy!

Before I got prego with Adub, I lost about 22 pounds by consistently working out and turning my eating habits towards veggies and fruit and then meat and starches. 

Stir fry snap peas with onions and a side of pork chops. Yummy!

So let's fire up the healthy train and kick this pig.