the 411.

We're just two kids trying to find our way in life.

Jared is a police officer and loves every minute of kickin' butt and takin' names. Lydia works at two hotels as a guest service representative and is currently serving in the sales department as well.

Lydia is a graduate of Mississippi University for Women, affectionately called "The W." She grew up in Bulldog Country and pulls for her Mississippi State Bulldogs 'til the bitter end.

Jared graduated from William Carey College with a degree in psychology. He loves everything red and blue, especially his Ole Miss Rebels.

We may be a "house divided," but at least we're smart enough to live in "neutral ground…" Home of Southern Miss!!

Needless to say, we love our home state of Mississippi! When it comes down to it, we support all football teams in the state. Except for when they play each other. That's when life gets interesting at the Pierce House. :)