05 November 2012

Thankful: Day Five

Thankful for bacon. Pan fried pork goodness. The one constant pregnancy craving.

04 November 2012

Thankful: Day Four

Thankful for road trips and a GPS that makes your trip longer than expected so you can spend more time with your forever friend.

03 November 2012

Thankful: Day Three

Thankful for a semi-day-off from work giving me time to focus on preparing for Baby Pierce. I've washed, dried, and folded laundry; walked almost 3/4 of a mile; painted a canvas for a dear friend's nursery, and spent time enjoying Babe's kicks. Even if they were in my ribs.


02 November 2012

Thankful: Day Two

Thankful for friends. 

Friends that share a pregnancy. Only 4 weeks apart!

Friends from school days.

Friends that span generations.

Friends that help make s'more pokers out of wire clothes hangers.

Friends that will paint your pregnant belly into a pumpkin and help satisfy a pregnant lady's s'more craving. 

Friends that meet you for lunch and catch up on life's curve balls.


01 November 2012

Thankful: Day One

Joining my cousin, Emily, in writing about things for which we are thankful. (Isn't that the correct way to write that sentence? Never end a sentence with a preposition, right?)

Today I am thankful that I will birth a beautiful baby this month. Granted, my due date is November 30th so there's a chance Baby Pierce will come in December, but let's speak by faith and Baby will be here this month! :)

06 October 2012

Welcome to the 8th Month

I've always heard about babies zapping brain cells from their mothers. How the most intelligent women do silly things only explained by the baby growing in her womb.

Baby Pierce at 10 weeks

I had the ultimate pregnancy brain drain moment Thursday. 

I went to Hobby Lobby looking for fabric for Baby Pierce's bedding. (SO many choices...how in the world do you narrow it down?!) 

I'm standing in line for ten minutes to check out, but when I get to the counter I realize I had nothing in my buggy to purchase. Other than my shopping bag from TJMaxx, there is nothing, nada, zilch in my cart to hand to the cashier. 

At least I made the cashiers laugh. And, hopefully, you too. 


28 July 2012

22 Weeks.

22 weeks.
Baby gender: It's a surprise!
Craving: Bacon, bacon, and bacon. And ice cold water.
Feeling Baby move often. Such a neat experience.

18 May 2012

12 weeks and counting.

We are expecting our first child (and grandchild on BOTH sides!) November 30th! Jared and I are quite excited. We've said since we first got married we'd like to be married five years before having a child. August will be five years, and Baby Pierce will make his or her appearance 3 months later. We are going the non-traditional route and waiting to find out the sex. Jared's not totally on board with this, but he respects and supports my decision.

28 weeks to go...WOOHOO! :)

13 February 2012

Christmas Eve Photo Shoot

Before the Southern Miss Aloha Bowl game on Christmas Eve, I decided to take a photo for our New Year holiday card. 

I love taking pictures, both in front of and behind the camera.

My husband likes it, too. He actually enjoys making fun of it.

We chose this pose for our New Year cards. I liked sending out New Year cards as opposed to Christmas cards. One less thing to do before the 25th.

11 February 2012

Jared's 29th Year.

Jared laughing at what could be Travis' gift to him.

It's a rose bush!

Eric and Travis yelling "Happy Birthday" to Jared.

Jared praying that his hearing is still intact.

Yummy, yummy.