18 May 2012

12 weeks and counting.

We are expecting our first child (and grandchild on BOTH sides!) November 30th! Jared and I are quite excited. We've said since we first got married we'd like to be married five years before having a child. August will be five years, and Baby Pierce will make his or her appearance 3 months later. We are going the non-traditional route and waiting to find out the sex. Jared's not totally on board with this, but he respects and supports my decision.

28 weeks to go...WOOHOO! :)


  1. I found your blog on Kelly's Korner!

    Congratulations on your sweet little one! I'm due about a week after you on December 6th! Since our due dates are so close, I'm looking forward to reading about your pregnancy journey!

    Congratulations, again, and best of luck! :)

  2. I'm also linking from Kelly's Korner. I'm due just 4 days before you! It's fun to compare notes and see how other's pregnancies are going!
    Hope all is well!