26 December 2009

I don't like to do things out of order but...

If you know me, you know I am a left brained, linear person. I like to do things in order, especially chronological order. But not today!

My next post was going to be about the USM game I attended with Marianna, and then the one I attended with BFF Allyson and Marianna. And then Thanksgiving. And then Christmas. But no. Today I want to tell you about LENEY'S COOKIE CREATIONS!!

Delene Carter in Columbus, MS has started a side business of baking and decorating delicious cookies. Granted, I have yet to taste one of her cookies, but I know Delene wouldn't sell anything that's not absolutely divine. Check out her site and place an order as soon as possible!! I'm trying to figure out a way to ship cookies to Hattiesburg... :)

05 November 2009

Brittany and Daniel Merchant

I directed my first wedding October 17th at Carrier Chapel on the campus of Mississippi University for Women. My high school friend, Brittany Paschal, married the love of her life, Daniel Merchant. I helped Brittany from beginning to end. We planned a simple and chic wedding and reception. Somehow I ended up with no pics from the reception. It was a cake and punch reception held in the historic Puckett House on campus. The bride's cake was white, three tiered with real flowers on each tier. The groom's cake was a two tier chocolate cake with a houndstooth hat on top. (Yes, they are Alabama fans!) Enjoy the pics! :)

The Maid of Honor, Paige, styling the bride's hair.

The bride and her girls.

So pretty!

Gorgeous flowers and candles.

Daniel removing the garter, Alabama, of course!

Daniel throwing the garter.

Brittany and Daniel.
Thank you both for allowing me to share in your special day!! :)

02 September 2009

We're Moving!!

Jared has accepted a police officer position at the University of Southern Mississippi!! This has happened very quickly, three weeks to be exact. We will be moving to Hattiesburg September 16th. 2 weeks!! We've joked that Southern will be good neutral ground for a Bulldog/Rebel household! :)

If you're in the area, I'd love to hang out with you! We have some friends in the area, mostly Jared's since he's a graduate of William Carey.

And as they say in Hattiesburg...Southern Miss - TO THE TOP!

05 June 2009

The Strawberry Cake Experience.

Anne Franklin, a dear friend of ours and one of my Lockheart sisters, and I decided to bake a (semi) homemade strawberry cake complete with real strawberries. Needless to say, we had loads of fun and learned to write every direction down!! Just for your info...you drain the strawberries you put in the icing, not the batter. Or you'll get icing that is too thin to stay on the cake. Enjoy the pics!! :)


Lilly, my furbabyniece. 

31 May 2009

Lockheart Events!

Songfest and Parent/Daughter. Lots of fun, food, and memories!! :)

Snow in MARCH!?

Yes, it snowed in Mississippi on March 1st. Check out the pics if you don't believe me! :)

The back of our apartment complex.

Xena, my car.

Tree in front of our porch.

Cromwell Communications Building, in front of our apartment.

19 April 2009

"Jefuhfuh DunHAM dot com!"

We celebrated my 22nd birthday three times this year. The Wedesday before my Bday Marianna treated Jared and me to a night of Jeff Dunham in Tupelo. We ate at Logan's Roadhouse, then headed to the concert to laugh and laugh and laugh!! (If you've never seen Jeff Dunham, it's time you did so!) Friday my family and I went to Old Venice Pizza Co. in Starkville to eat. Saturday (my actual b'day!) friends and family went to Mi Hacienda for dinner and then to our house for cake and ice cream. Enjoy the pics! :)

Jared and me snapping pics before Jeff came out.

Marianna and me posing before we laughed to our hearts' desire!

Jeff and Achmed the Terrorist.

Peanut, Jeff, and Guitar Guy. (aka Brian Haner)

Opening Jared's card. It was from the Lady and the Tramp. Fabulous movie!!

We like to take funny pics!

Welcome to Lockhearts!!

At the beginning of February, Lockhearts initiated 12 wonderful ladies into the club. My little, Brittany Herndon, was one of them. She is a junior from Tupelo, MS and she is fabulous!! She shines with Jesus' love everywhere she goes, and is willing to do anything for anyone. I love you, Little! :)

Brittany and all her goodies.

Brittany and her red and white striped cover up.

Brittany and her insignia; she's waited a long time to wear it!

Brittany and her "aunt," Mary Beth. (In social clubs you have families. Mary Beth is my twin, so she is Brittany's aunt.)

28 March 2009

1ooth Night.

A W tradition is honoring the seniors of student organizations 100 nights before graduation. This event is sponsored by Class Council so being Vice-President of our class, I read a poem. Yay! Haha. :)

Anne Franklin Lamar, our president.

Me reading the poem.

Lockheart Pledge Class 2005 and Seniors 2009!!

My Lockheart little sister, Brittany, and me.

Jared's Birthday - 1.20.2009

We celebrated Jared's 26th birthday with a surprise party at Mi Toro! Friends from Jackson came up to see Jared as well as his family and friends from around Columbus. He had a wonderful birthday!! :)

Opening gifts. 

Checking out the gift I gave him, a collage of our engagement pictures.

Jared looking at the photo album Mom and Dad gave him. It was pics from the beginning of our relationship...the summer at Waukaway that started it all!

Blowing out his candles!

Jared and me. Yay for birthdays!! :)

03 January 2009

Christmas 2008!!

We spent Christmas Eve with my parents and sisters. We opened our Christmas Eve gifts, which is always pjs to wear that night while you wait on "Santa." :)

For Christmas Day Jared made a breakfast casserole that we brought to my parents. After eating we started to open presents. Two hours later we finished. {Mom likes us to take our time and go around the room opening one at a time. I hated this when I was younger, but understand why she does this now. :)

Marianna, Jared, and Kaite eagerly waiting for the GO. 

Kaite's face after opening her "big" gift. A drawing tablet for her computer complete with PhotoShop and some other cool software.

Guitar Hero!!

Mom crying after opening Jared and my thank you gift from the wedding.

Daddy laughing at his toy, a remote control truck!

Marianna and her hanging jewelery box mirror. She was quite excited!!

Jared and his NYPD shirt. This was a successful surprise!! Yay! :)