03 January 2009

Christmas 2008!!

We spent Christmas Eve with my parents and sisters. We opened our Christmas Eve gifts, which is always pjs to wear that night while you wait on "Santa." :)

For Christmas Day Jared made a breakfast casserole that we brought to my parents. After eating we started to open presents. Two hours later we finished. {Mom likes us to take our time and go around the room opening one at a time. I hated this when I was younger, but understand why she does this now. :)

Marianna, Jared, and Kaite eagerly waiting for the GO. 

Kaite's face after opening her "big" gift. A drawing tablet for her computer complete with PhotoShop and some other cool software.

Guitar Hero!!

Mom crying after opening Jared and my thank you gift from the wedding.

Daddy laughing at his toy, a remote control truck!

Marianna and her hanging jewelery box mirror. She was quite excited!!

Jared and his NYPD shirt. This was a successful surprise!! Yay! :)

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