28 March 2009

1ooth Night.

A W tradition is honoring the seniors of student organizations 100 nights before graduation. This event is sponsored by Class Council so being Vice-President of our class, I read a poem. Yay! Haha. :)

Anne Franklin Lamar, our president.

Me reading the poem.

Lockheart Pledge Class 2005 and Seniors 2009!!

My Lockheart little sister, Brittany, and me.

Jared's Birthday - 1.20.2009

We celebrated Jared's 26th birthday with a surprise party at Mi Toro! Friends from Jackson came up to see Jared as well as his family and friends from around Columbus. He had a wonderful birthday!! :)

Opening gifts. 

Checking out the gift I gave him, a collage of our engagement pictures.

Jared looking at the photo album Mom and Dad gave him. It was pics from the beginning of our relationship...the summer at Waukaway that started it all!

Blowing out his candles!

Jared and me. Yay for birthdays!! :)