29 May 2008

Almost one whole year!

It's almost been an entire year since my first post. Talk about neglect! It's also almost a year since I married my best friend. ;)

A Recap of the past year:

August: Jared and I married at Carrier Chapel on the campus of MUW and honeymooned at Orange Beach, AL. It was a quick honeymoon; school started for me the day after we returned; Jared also went back to work.

September through November: School and work kept me busy plus being active in 2 social clubs on campus. Jared worked and we both got into a routine of being married.

December: End of first semester as a junior and CHRISTMAS!! We spent time with both sides of the family and enjoyed a break from school.

January: We celebrated Jared's 25th birthday. I started school back. I still can't believe I'm a junior in college!?

February: We celebrated my golden birthday, 21 on the 21st! We (Jared and parents and sisters) went to Santa Fe Steakhouse. I ordered my first drink, a Cowgirl Candy. I don't recommend it. It tasted like cough syrup. Jared surprised me with tickets to the Reba and Kelly concert in Tupelo. It was a Valentine's/birthday gift and it was fantastic!!

March: We celebrate Kaite's 18th birthday. We enjoy Spring Break -- a much needed break from school!

April: School speeds up with other activities as well. Homecoming, Lockheart Formal, Senior Tea, just to name a few.

May: Exams leading to the end of my 3rd year in college. (Where has the time gone?) Jared and I traveled to Taylorsville (south MS) to see his youngest brother, Travis graduate. It was a record graduation, 25 minutes!!

Now I'm working 3-4 days a week; Jared is enjoying his job with the MUW Police Department. And life has slowed down tremendously, that is, until the fall.

(maybe I'll post pics of these events next time I'm at my home computer. :)

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