21 December 2008


My BFF Allyson (along with her mom and sister) threw her Dad a suprise birthday party earlier this month. The theme was the 50's since that's the decade he was born in. Denny was quite surprised, and he was only told one lie through the whole process! Haha! :)

Denny is a huge Betty Boop fan, so one of his cakes had to be of Betty Boop.

The second cake was of a guitar. Denny is a huge musician and owns his own music studio, Backyard Studios. {The studio is in his backyard...cute, eh?}

Walking in the door...SURPRISE! :)

Blowing out the candles.

The amazing hostesses! L to R: Allyson, Elsie, Emily.

Allyson and me. BFFs!

We like to take silly pics. And the ice cream was delish! :)

Me, Mom, and Ally.

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