05 March 2010


My Little Life

1. What's your guilty pleasure[s]? (I added the "s!" -lydia)
Blue Bell Banana Split Ice Cream. A mani/pedi. KitKat bars. (Yes, it's plural, because I can't stop at one!)

2. What is your favorite TV series? 
On which network?? I work nights at a hotel which means I "watch TV" online while folding about 300-400 towels. I rarely watch shows on the actual television. The TV is usually on ESPN…I wonder why. :)

I'll break it down by major networks:
NBC: The Office; The Biggest Loser is #2.
ABC: Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice (PP is a spoof of Grey's so they're somewhat the same…); Castle is a close second. 
CBS: NCIS/NCIS:LA (Spoof again.); The Good Wife is becoming a fave too. 
FOX: House; Bones is a runner-up.

BUT! If I MUST pick only TWO of my all time favorites, they would be…drum roll, please….Friends and Gilmore Girls!! Before we had cable we always had one of these in the DVD player. We can quote every episode! It's sad when we refer "real life" situations to a Friends or Gilmore Girls episode. :)

3. Can you speak any foreign languages?
Define speak. 

I can speak Spanish, and then I would be laughed at by the entire staff of the local Mexican restaurant! 

I can speak a few phrases of French. I usually butcher them, and Mom corrects me. (For an Italian lady, she pulls off French pretty well. :) 

So if you mean speak as in blurt out a few phrases and maybe a sentence or two, then yes. If you mean speak as in hold a conversation with a native speaker, then no. Heck no. But I can charm them with my smile. :D

4. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
I actually went to my closet to count! Not counting flip flops, (are they really shoes anyway?), I have about 30. Not too bad for a shoe-lovin' lady! Jared does his best to keep my shoe collection under control. But even he can't resist a good sale. :)

5. What's your favorite kind of M&M's...peanut, almond, straight up regular, etc.?
PEANUT!! Love 'em. Then plain or "straight up regular" (<---I like that!). Then probably almond, I don't think I've had them, but I like love almond Kisses so I'm sure I'd like almond M&M's! 


  1. Know what you mean about the shoes. Here's a tip for your future mommy days: Pregnancy makes your feet grow, even if they don't seem to swell very often. I'm talking about a half size, but this could REALLY mess you up when it comes to those classy Italian leather cutie pies. Just sayin'.

  2. Someone had visited my blog after visiting your's according to my traffic tracker so I decided to come and investigate. I emjoyed browsing around and love the FIVE QUESTIONS FRIDAY idea so I snagged it for mine!

  3. AH! I just read your full profile and made the connection! You are Lydia from The W and Terrey's daughter! So good seeing you here in the blogosphere. :D