06 December 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving was originally planned to be held at our home because of our crazy work schedules. 

Then we realized we'd actually have the weekend after Thanksgiving off leaving us time to travel north to Columbus and enjoy dinner on Saturday once everyone was home. (Kaite had to work Black Friday.)

Then we realized the Egg Bowl was also on Saturday, playing on channel ESPNU. Mom and Dad don't receive that channel, but Marianna does!

So Thanksgiving was moved to a third location, Tupelo! Marianna was a wonderful host in her new house. (Her house is gorgeous! It's going to get its own post.)

Mom and Kaite working on Italian spinach and realgreasyfloured gravy.

Marianna setting the table. She made that tabletop with ceramic and glass pieces. 

Her choice of china for the dinner was Fiestaware. 

Jared carving the turkey while Kaite supervises and instructs.

Dad, Mom, Lydia, Jared, Kaite, and Marianna before the meal that was a huge success!

The Coffeys don't have many holiday traditions, but naps after any holiday meal are definitely a tradition!

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  1. Love that table and love the adorable pic of you cooking! ;)