30 January 2011

Fun with Polyvore!

I've discovered Polyvore! The site where anyone can create anything with images found online. They are mostly used for fashionistas, but I've seen several DIY bloggers used Polyvore to design rooms.

I've been exploring my decorating style; apparently, I have an eclectic style. Eclectic meaning I have a knack for mix and matching textures, patterns, colors that don't normally go together and making them flow.

I played around with our dining room. We own nothing like what you see below, but maybe one day… :)
BW with blue Dining room
I'm loving chandeliers these days! And lots of typography and books. I've been mixing black and brown in our home as well. (Something I never thought I'd do! Black with brown…fashion no-no! lol.) 

BW with blue Dining room by coffeypierce on Polyvore.com

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