13 October 2008


So I gotta brag a bit on the man God has blessed me with. 

Jared is my best friend and will be for eternity. 

He knows how to calm me down when I get stressed, mad, upset. He knows how to make me laugh and the best times to do so. He is willing to give up College Football to help me with Lockheart Recruitment, fundraisers, Chili Cookout, and too many functions to name. 

He is so amazing and eager to help because he has my best interest at heart. He loves and cares for me so because he has Jesus in the center of his life. 

He is my heart. He is my love. Thank you, Jesus, for blessing me with an amazing Godly man!! ( Even if he is an Ole Miss fan :) )

Jared and me on our 1 year anniversary. We ate at Olive Garden in Tupelo.

Jared and me on Bid Day 2008. He was our official photographer.

Jared manning the dessert bar and keeping an eye on the buffet at Chili Cookout.

Jared, me, and my (or our) Lockheart little sister, Brittany!!

Jared and me at Chili Cookout after serving almost 90 people chili! :)

I love you, Jared!! :D

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