11 November 2008


Jared and I visited my cousin, Lynn, and her husband, Steve, two weekends ago in Clarksville, TN. We had a blast! It was nice to get out of town and do nothing. We ate well, slept in, and enjoyed catching up with family. 

Thanks for letting us get out of town for a weekend, Lynn and Steve! We love you guys! And Dylan too!! :)

Lynn and Steve at Old Chicago Pasta & Pizza. Their pizza is addictive!

Jared and me at Old Chicago.

Jared means business. Check out that bib.

Cousins by birth, sisters at heart. Seriously, we're so much alike it's scary!

For example, we even have a matching overnight bag and koozie with 
our initial "L" embroidered in pink. How crazy is that!?

Dylan is Lynn and Steve's golden retriever furbaby. And he looves his cousin Jared! He's trying to grab the gloves Jared is wearing.

And he's got 'em!

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  1. OMG!!!! I love Old Chicago! We ate there last year when we played Austin Peay! YUMMY!