28 January 2010

Jared's BIG gift.

Story Time: A week before Christmas I went into Best Buy to look for a portable DVD player for Jared. For whatever reason, I took a detour to the TVs. Jared's been window shopping for an HDTV for almost two years now. So I thought I would see if there were any good Christmas sales. And there were! This TV was previously purchased and brought back, probably because the wife freaked and threatened the poor husband. So his misfortune is my super sale! I bought a Sony Bravia TV for about $200 less than the original price.  Because it was a return, it didn't have a box, and I had to have a box! The salesman was super nice and wrapped the TV in bubble wrap and black saran wrap. Then he found a box for a 50 inch TV and wrapped that in black saran wrap too. Here are the pics that captures how excited he was about his gift. :)

I made him wait til the very end to open his BIG gift. He was happy the time finally came!

"Why is the box upside down?"

"A TV wrapped in black saran wrap and bubble wrap!!"

"Jared, are you excited?!" "Uhh, YES!"

Unwrapping the TV.

Dad and Jared place it in the armoire while I pray it fits!

It's a quarter of an inch too big. 1/4 of an INCH!! I need to learn how to measure better. Ooops!

Jared's still excited. Check out all the remotes. He's syncing them together so we only need one and occasionally, two.

Marianna had the brilliant idea to swap the armoire with the dresser in the guest bedroom. It really opens up the living area and gives a modern antique feel to the room. Jared is super happy with the end result! As am I. :)

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