27 January 2010

Time to Catch Up.

Christmas 2009! Held at our house because our schedules were too crazy to go to my parents' house. Enjoy the pics! :)

Kaite got Doctor Who. Doctor who? Haha! :)

Jared fights with Lilly.

Christmas morning. Yes, that big gift is Jared's.

Kaite's excited about Christmas!


Marianna gave Mom a loaded compactPro.


She loves weird books.

Jared's mom wrapped our stockings for us to open Christmas morning since we weren't able to be with them. Too funny!

Dad and his cool coffee mug.

Marianna made me an original cowbell with MSU on one side...

And USM on the other! Now I have a cowbell to ring at both games. :)

I just love her facial expressions.

"Do not pass Go! Do not collect $200! Go to Jail!"

Marianna excited about her big gift. What could it be??

 A winter coat to keep warm on those cold bus duty mornings! 

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