18 February 2010

Decorating 911!!

I need help. Decorating help. I have a huge blank wall in our dining room and I have no idea what to do with it. None. Nada. Zilch.

Here are pics from every angle. What would you do if this was your dining room?? I need ideas, peeps! Please. and Thank You. :)

Here's the frontal view. I'm standing in the living room.

Another angle.

From the foyer/front door hallway.

Another angle. That's the kitchen by the way… 

Taken from the bedroom door.

I don't know what style I have. I like a modern antique look. Vintage, but not "old," Jared's not such a fan. I like the antique maps/old ship look complete with luggage and a rustic feel. Does this help any? Any and all suggestions/ideas/cries of outrage are greatly appreciated! :)


  1. http://antiquemapsasia-meyerprints.blogspot.com/

  2. In the apartment before the house we bought, there was a "wall issue" similar to that. The space allowed for a bigger table but the budget did not. So I used a sofa table with a large vase and some packaged plastic straw looking stuff from Kirkland's and a lamp on one side. Hanging on the wall was a 16 X 20 pic of J and me, with a black candle holder thingy. (Wasn't that clear? It was iron. Mounted on the wall and held three candles...) On the other side of the picture was a plate hanger with a plate inside that says, "Family is a world created by love." Also, Kirklands. I'd suggest hanging stuff first before buying furniture because it can get costly and once you pay for it, you're kind of stuck with it. The sofa table came in handy as a mini-buffet when I had visitors. It was also a clutter magnet.

    Another super-cheap way to spruce up white walls is to find a fabric you like--color and pattern--and cover a couple or three REALLY big pieces of plywood or thick posterboard. This can be done with a stapler and an iron and has a very big impact.

    Wow. Bet you weren't expecting a book, huh?

  3. Thanks for the help, Jen!! Both ideas are great. I really like the fabric on plywood; I think that's doable within the budget too. My sister made a headboard like that…very simple! :)

  4. I was going to suggest the same thing as the plywood and fabric except do smaller shapes (old canvases, pieces of wood, etc.) to make an interesting pattern on the wall. So you have pattern on the wall with different fabrics. Or my friend Tricia did something similar with a big canvas and she just modge podged a bunch of different scrapbook sheets in a pattern.

  5. Collecting some antique plates and hanging them on the wall in plate hangers, or grouped together...that would look good with pictures or fabric. That is what I want to do for our kitchen/ dining room... you know we have a lot of wall space!

  6. We found a bunch of Vintage school maps at an estate sale for only $5 each! The key to finding something old or vintage is being willing to have patience while you search - I enjoy "the hunt", so it was a lot of fun for me.

    Also, here are a couple of other ideas: http://www.younghouselove.com/2008/03/weve-been-benched/ I really like the shelves they have up behind their dining table - it makes for a very versatile look, because you can switch around the pictures and whatever you have on them.

    I'm a sucker for gallery walls too - filled with pictures, art, or whatever. They make such a statement! http://gogoabigail.com/blog/2008/08/14/inspiration-28-gallery-walls/