07 February 2010

I need a name. Technically, the blog needs a name.

Our blog needs a name. A one-of-a-kind blog name that no one else has. I've thought and thought and thought and even googled adjectives that start with the letter "P." And all I've come up with is...


Absolutely nothing! So I need your help. Help me think of a trendy name for our blog. Something catchy. Something that involves our name, Pierce; or our occupations, popo and wedding planner; or our love for college football, he's a Rebel and I'm a Bulldog (they don't always get along! :); or how I'm the author and Jared's merely the subject of my musings. {Haha! JK. I'm sure he would write if I showed him how. :)}

I work best when I brainstorm with other peeps so let's get to 'storming! :)


  1. How about Pierce Force? Does your wedding planning biz have an official name?

  2. "A Popo and a Wedding Planner" sounds pretty catchy! Hehe ;)

  3. Oooo...I like that Bethany!! The Popo and the Wedding Planner. My wheels are turning. YAY!! :)

  4. Are you still looking for a name? I love coming up with names. Why do you think I had so many babies??? ;D