16 May 2011

miscellany monday.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

[1] Working all weekend really throws off my days of the week. I'm off today so it's like my Friday on Monday, but I go to work tomorrow, so I guess today is really my Sunday...?

-2- Jared is back on day shift starting today. YAY!! We'll almost be like a "normal" family. Almost.

{3} I've neglected posting on our blog. Don't really have a reason why. I read my blog reader daily, but choose not to write. Call it blogger's block maybe?

*4* 2011 is the year for babies. I have 41 friends that are preggo! Not close, BFFs...but friends of friends and people Jared and I know. Still....isn't that crazy?! Forty-one women! I'm not drinking the water... :)

~5~ Jared's cop friend has a dachshund that is preggo...which means we could have a lil puppy soon! YAY!!

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