18 May 2011


Our hotel had the pleasure of hosting Laura Bush and her entourage while she was in Hattiesburg speaking at a Spirit of Women event.

Now we are used to hosting VIPs…we just had Jim Kelly at our hotel the week before Laura. (Don't know who Jim Kelly is? Me either, until I asked!) We've also had Morgan Freeman, Adalius Thomas, Deuce McAlister, and the entire cast and crew of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

But this was the first time to host anyone of "American Royalty!" 

To prep for her arrival, I gave daily tours to the Secret Service. All of us were smitten with one agent in particular. Jen even had to have her photo with him!

Mondo, the bomb sniffing dog, had to check everything out as well. I called him a puppy (all dogs are puppies, right?) and was quickly corrected by his handler. Seeing a bomb dog all over the hotel did weird some of our guests out. Do you know how hard it is to answer, without really answering questions, like: "What's going on?" "Is everything OK?" "Should I be aware of something serious that's happening?"

Hard. Very hard.

Laura (yes, we're on a first-name basis now. lol!) arrived late Wednesday night. There was this awkward pause when she was escorted inside. So what do I do? Embrace the awkwardness and say "Welcome to Hattiesburg!" in my best Mississippi Southern Belle accent. No one else said a word!

Kat, Jennifer, Neecee, Laura, Rhonda, Merrily, Lydia

The next morning she allowed us to take a group photo with her before she headed to the event. She shook everyone's hand and was very gracious. She has the bluest eyes, (although I think she may have a little help with contacts in that department….) and was just so classy.

I really enjoyed working with her assistant, Betsy. The best thing about her is she's from TUPELO. Yes, the same Tupelo where my sister lives! Small world, eh?

Lydia and Betsy.

Don't tell me Mississippi girls aren't the BEST! :)

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