06 September 2010

Miscellany Monday.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{one} My husband showed ultimate love this weekend by buying tickets, attending and cheering for his rival college team, Mississippi State. He was even willing to wear a maroon polo I bought for him! Unfortunately, the polo was sized wrong and looked more like a dress on him than a manly polo. He opted to wear his green polo, a nice neutral color. He wasn't giving up his USM hat though.

{two} Whenever the day comes and God says, "Bam! You're going to be parents," I will be ready for little to no sleep. I woke up Sunday morning at 9am after sleeping a solid 8 hours. Took a 90 minute nap on the way home from Columbus. Visited with friends, ate dinner with Jared, and took a 15 minute power nap before working for 8+ hours. all. night. long. 

In other words…I've been up almost 24 hours with maybe two hours of sleep. BOOYAH! Bring on the crazy hours of motherhood. Just hold the screaming infant. I'm not ready for that. Yet. 

For now, I'll settle for my best friends' kids. 

{three} It's getting darker earlier, and I really don't care for it. But on a brighter note, last night we officially experienced "fall-like" weather! I even got goosies when walking outside! 

My BFF, Ally, and me taking a pic with our senior class gift to our beloved alma mater. 

{four}  I have today off. But not really. If Monday "officially" begins at midnight, I've already put in 7+ hours of work. Therefore, do I really have Monday off?

If I didn't have to work on Sunday/Monday, I would still be hanging out with my favorite ladies. :)

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