01 September 2010

Today I am . . .

{I borrowed this from Sweet Nothings.}

Today I Am: Thinking.
Listening: clickity clack of the keyboard in the office, phones ringing, AC running.
Reading: Golden Days: Reminiscences of Alumnae, Mississippi State College for Women
Obsessed With: overthinking about the future...what do I want to do/be when I grow up??
Planning To: make a grocery list and ToDo list for the rest of the week/weekend
Praying about: Life. Future. What is my passion??
Dreaming Of: My actual dreams have been crazy lately...last night I dreamed we (me and sisters and friends) went to a local Mexican restaurant that we apparently frequent often. The owner of said establishment was upset we were taking up a couple of tables for over two hours. I overheard him venting in Spanish to his employees about us. I replied in a cool, calm, and collected voice, "If it's that big of a deal, sir, I'll take my business elsewhere." Odd thing is that 1) I understood his Spanish, 2) replied to him in English. If I understood Spanish, why not reply to him in Spanish??
Enjoying: A cool office. I do love that they keep it chilly in the office. I'm wearing a cropped, denim jacket today and I am not hot! Or sweating! Anyone who is hot natured understands how much of a feat this is. *fist pump*
Vowing to: exercise today!! It seems that when I take a "rest day" from exercising, that one day turns into multiple days. Not good for someone who needs to become healthier...aka...drop some poundage from the waist.
Excited About: The weekend! Thursday kicks off college football...USM vs. USC...Southern Miss TO THE TOP!  And Saturday we'll be cheering for MS State...MSU v. Memphis. Or at least I'll be cheering for State. Jared cheers for Ole Miss, SEC, or the underdog. Yes, folks, we watch all teams during football season. Even the puny high schoolers!!

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