17 August 2010

Bad Case of the Mondays...???

Ever have one of those days where you'd rather lay in bed all morning only to get up at noon and move to the couch?

I've been having those days for about six months. And I do.not.like.it.

But I don't seem able to break this "Bad Case of the Mondays." During the winter, I self-diagnosed myself with SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. Mainly because I was another person on sunny days than grey, cloudy days. I was happy and cheerful and up before noon tackling my to do list. Grey days I was just that...grey. Gloomy. Dreary. My mood matched the weather.

And then April came. I knew that the green grass, blooming flowers, increase in temperature, and the sun shining more often than not would help me come out of this funk.

I was wrong.

What bothers me the most about this case of the blues is that I'm ok with laying around. I'm ok with only doing dishes when there's no more counter space for the dirty dishes to sit. I'm ok with only doing laundry when Jared runs out of socks and undershirts. I'm ok with only tidying our home and vacuumming when guests are coming over. *Really, Lydia? Really??*

What is wrong with me???

This is not the Lydia I want to be or ever thought I would become. Eck.

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