30 November 2010

Blogger Spotlight.

This is the first BLOGGER SPOTLIGHT held every Tuesday. Unless I have a granny-memory-moment and forget, then it will be held whenever I post it. :)


I know this girl named Katie. She's a real cool kid. Katie and Jared went to school together back in the day. Katie was also the first person we saw after we got engaged. I don't think we even told her! We wanted to tell the parents first. 


Katie blogs and tweets and always has something important to say. For example, 

And she's almost a bigger Mississippi State fan than me. I guess she sorta is since she's an MSU alum and I'm not. 

I really fell in love with Katie after this tweet. (Notice that I retweeted it!)

Katie is real in her blog and tweets. She's upfront and transparent with what she's experiencing in life. I really like that…it makes me feel normal knowing there's someone else questioning career paths and life in general. I feel ya, Katie! :)

I really wish she lived closer. We could totally be BFF and beat up on Jared all.the.time. 

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