10 November 2010

Ode to Xena.

Xena is my first real car. Real as in she was bought specifically with me in mind. She had 7500 miles on her and the most comfy seats you will ever sit in. 

I didn't want her at first. She only had two doors! I knew this car was going to have to last me to marriage and maybe even my first kid. There was no way I would be hauling a baby seat (with a baby in it!) in and out of the back seat. 

But then I sat in her. And those seats. Xena, you had me at your comfy seats.

Six years and 70,000 miles later, it was time to say goodbye.

Her air was gone. She had dings and scratches from all the good times we shared. And memories, sweet memories. 

Like Kaite, my sis, falling out of the backseat onto the ground because her legs got tangled in the seatbelt. 

Or playing S-Stop with a bunch of Lockheart pledges. 

Remember Marianna changing your flat tire on the interstate in downtown Nashville?

Or belting made-up lyrics to the latest song because I have no idea what they're really singing. 

And driving all around the Golden Triangle because we no longer want to sit in the dorm and study. 

Our last drive was exploring Lamar County. We hit I59 with Taylor's latest hit blaring and tears streaming down my face. 

I keep thinking how silly it is for me to be upset over trading you in. "It's just a car, for crying out loud, Lydia!" 

But, no. She's not just a car. 

Xena was the last big purchase my grandmother made for me. She gave us soo much over the years, both tangible and intangible. In my head, letting go of Xena means I'm losing a part of Grandma.

So is it silly for me to be so torn up over saying goodbye to Xena? No. I don't think so. Because she's more than a car . . .


  1. No, it's not silly! I was so sad to see my little car have to sold after we got married.

  2. You and this baby talk is getting me kind of excited.